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How I can help you

From making sense of your data, to managing your email and calendar, to transcription or proofreading, from managing events to finding out about current industry trends – I can carry out these tasks for you.  With regular updates and online collaboration, it is easy for you to get your time back to concentrate on your business goals.

For more details of the services I can offer please see the Services section of this website.


About me

During my professional career spanning almost 25 years,  I have worked with many different sized companies: from a small start up with under 5 employees, to a large software company with 2,000 employees.

I also have worked in a wide range of roles, including being a Technical Author, Internal ISO auditor, Data Protection Officer, Software Trainer and Project Manager.

Although they have all had their differences, the one thing I have enjoyed the most is helping others gain benefit from the products and services they have purchased, helping them to succeed.

It is my experience with different industries, software and technologies that I am able to share with you – helping you to succeed and achieve your business goals.

Qualifications: BSc (Hons) Management and Computer Science, Enhanced DBS certificate.