The benefits of using a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are still not widely used in small businesses, but there are a number of benefits that can be gained from working with one.  Here are my top 5 reasons why you should use one…

1 Time and Freedom

Surely this is the biggest benefit of all?  Employing a VA to work with you gives you extra time and the freedom of deciding exactly what to do with it.

This could be spending more time with family and friends; going to the children’s sports day, or being able to have friends over in the week for dinner.  The extra time can be used to improve your customer relationships by having a chat to see how they are doing over coffee or lunch.  Or the time could be used to expand, grow and benefit your business by being able to follow up those new opportunities.

However the time is used, you will have the freedom to choose how…

2 Experience and Skills

A VA will have worked with many companies in their career and so can use these experiences and skills acquired to benefit your business.  These skills could allow you to strengthen any weak areas you may have, for example, keeping up to date with new social media trends, recent legal requirements or new software tools.

And, as the VA community is an incredibly supportive one, if your VA doesn’t have the right skill set they will know another that does.

3 Knowledge and Training

Any good VA will stay up to date with the latest industry trends and skills and will study in their own time.

So, instead of paying for and attending courses yourself (costing both time and money) a VA will share the information that will help you, with the added advantage of being able to put this immediately into practice and benefitting your business.

4 Flexibility

You can contract with a VA only when you need them; either on a regular or ad-hoc basis.  So you no longer have to pay an employee to sit there twiddling their thumbs when business is slow, or pay for overtime when you are busy.

By using a VA you benefit from paying for the hours that you need, when you need them.  This in turn also provides you a safe option in scaling up and expanding your business.

5 Lower operating costs

And finally, hiring a VA provides you with lower operating costs.  With an employee you have to pay National Insurance, tax, pension contributions and holiday pay amongst other benefits.

There is also the time needed to complete the management functions such as payroll, review meetings, and other HR issues.

You can also benefit from the VA providing their own equipment and office space – again leading to lower operating costs for you.


In summary, Virtual Assistants can help you find more time for your family, reduce operating costs, and strengthen weak areas in your business. Virtual Assistants will also increase your efficiency and if you need to scale up your business operations, virtual assistants are a safe option.

So, consider using a Virtual Assistant to benefit your business – they are your secret weapon to becoming more successful!  For a list of services that I can help with take a look here.