Cookies – how to find them

Lately when I hear a mention of Cookies, my immediate thoughts no longer turn to the chocolate chip kind, but ones used in websites…

If we use cookies (definition here), to help us understand visitor behaviour on our websites, we need to let those visitors know that we do, and which ones we use.

As someone who doesn’t code their website from scratch but uses WordPress, I didn’t know how to find and list those I was using ready for updating my cookie policy.

However, due to the friendly and helpful people out there on the web, I discovered some hints and tips on how to do it at no cost within Chrome.  So I am passing them along in case they work for you too.  There are a couple of suggestions, but if they still daunt you, or you use a different browser get in touch and we will go through it together…

Using a Chrome plugin to find your cookies

The best one I have found is Attacat, which can be found here.  After installation there are step by step instructions on how to use it.  In summary, you run the plugin, start a recording and browse your website – easy!

When you have finished visiting all the pages in your website, you stop the recording and it will provide you with a report of all those it has found, ready to be placed into your cookie policy.

Use the existing Developer Tools

1.  Open your website using Chrome

2.  Hit F12 or choose Developer Tools from the menu

Your screen is split in two, with your website shown on the left and the site information on the right.

3. Select Application from the tabs at the right of the screen

4.  Select Cookies from the Storage List in the middle of the screen

5.  Click on the website domain and the cookies you are using on that page are displayed on the right

If it is not immediately obvious what they are for google them – this has always worked for me!  You can then add your findings into your cookie policy.


Now off for one of the chocolate chip kind and a cup of tea……