GDPR compliancy – an opportunity not a chore

It seems like GDPR has been coming for a long time now, but I still hear from small business owners who don’t feel they are ready and are worried or panicking about getting ready for the 25th May 2018.  If you need an introduction to GDPR and an action plan to start your compliancy journey, you can download my factsheet here (please note this does not constitute legal advice).

My biggest message is that there is no need to be worried or to panic. GDPR is not a deadline, but an opportunity to take care of one of your most precious assets and make it work better for you – your customer data.

To be honest, wouldn’t you rather have an engaged set of customers? Where your ability to tailor marketing and improve your ROI is vastly improved. Instead of a long list of people who never interact and simply ignore your marketing efforts?

But won’t I be fined if I don’t comply in time?

There have been a few companies that seem to have preyed upon the worry of small business owners and have continously highlighted the huge fines that could be incurred if complicance is not met. I feel this is scaremongering and irresponsible, and certainly not in the best interests of small business owners.

The Chief Information Commissioner herself, Elizabeth Denham, has said that this is not an opportunity to raise money by enforcing huge fines, but an opportunity to educate and support businesses. Most importantly, safeguard our personal data from misuse – see here for what she had to say.

Saving you time…

In my own GDPR journey I have spent hours researching, watching videos and tutorials, taking part in discussion forums but understand that many small business owners don’t have the luxury to do this.

So, I would like to save you some time – the most precious of commodities – by sharing some of my findings and highlighting the most useful facts and resources I have come across.

As a Virtual Assistant any information contained within this resource does NOT constitute legal advice. It has been created in the hope that it provides help to you – so click here to download and read, and save yourself some time.