Keeping up with Social Media

Social Media trends and features seem to change each month, no sooner than I think I have got it sorted, something new comes along and I feel like I am missing a trick.  Don’t misunderstand me – I love this side of it, but it is difficult to keep up with what to do ‘for the best’.

Recently I attended a ‘What’s New in Social Media’ seminar given by the Leicestershire Digital Growth Fund –  it was really useful and has given me pointers on how to improve and change my social media behaviour.  Sadly I don’t always have time to attend these seminars, so have found ways to keep on top of this myself – a few minutes at a time, and thought some of them may also be useful for you.

So here are my top six ways of keeping up with changes in the most popular Social Media platforms, just choose one or more of them depending on how much time you have:

1. Read Social Media News Sites

These sites summarise and comment on updates to the most popular channels, and so are a one-stop shop to find out what is going on.  The authors are usually the first ones to hear about these changes, so accessing these sites on a regular basis will keep you informed as the updates are released.

Here are some suggestions on sites to follow:

2. Podcasts

If you spend a lot of time in your car or just prefer listening to reading, podcasts could be the way to go.  Try searching for and subscribing to/downloading “social media podcasts” to get you started or take a look at some of the more popular ones below:

  • Social Media Today
  • The Next Web (TNW) Daily Dose
  • Lifehacker
  • Six Pixels of Separation

3. Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a brilliant way to keep up with new features on your favourite platforms without having to search for the content yourself.  To do this, set up your Google Alerts to notify you when your favourite platforms are mentioned in the headlines, for example by entering the keywords “Facebook” and “Instagram”  – see here for details on how to do this.

4.  YouTube educational videos

Many social media experts and the platforms themselves post educational videos about updates via YouTube.  Find channels to subscribe to by using the search term “social media”, then click the Filters drop-down and select Channel.  Click Subscribe next to any channel you want and you can keep updated!

5.  Following Social Media Gurus

Social media experts regularly appear on feeds with updates and tit-bits on the leading platforms.  Take a few moments to watch some of them and if you like their style , connect with and follow them.

The list below is a great starting place:

6.  Social Media Savvy Friends

Finally, everyone always has that friend  – the one who always seem ‘on it’.  They post something in a way you haven’t seen before or talk your ear off about the latest Facebook feature or what’s new with Twitter.

If so brilliant!  Ask them for help and updates, and if you don’t then try joining a local networking group and make some new friends who love it and can pass on their hints and tips!

My favourite networking club – Lutterworth Business Connect, had a Social Media event only a few days ago, and it was great to hear what people are getting up to and to share advice and guidance!

So when you meet your new social media savvy buddies get their email address, friend them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, add them to your Google+ Circles, and connect with them on LinkedIn.  If you fancy connecting with me use the links on the footer of my website.

If you do one or more of these above, very soon you will be the one people come to for advice!