Virtual Assistants – What, Why and How

Virtual Assistants, or VAs, are an invaluable asset to many businesses and can help in times of need, but many company owners or freelancers don’t immediately think of, or even know they exist!

If you find yourself undertaking most of the roles within your business, you are probably spreading yourself rather thinly.  Consequently, you are not able to focus on the important tasks and/or the ones you enjoy the most.

A Virtual Assistant can help by giving you back time, the most precious of commodities, either with a regular number of hours a month, on an ad-hoc basis or by completing projects.

So how can they help, and why should you use one?

A Virtual Assistant will work with you to identify:

  • those tasks which they can take off your hands
  • how you can make your existing processes more efficient
  • how to use IT solutions more effectively, and
  • those which you should keep doing yourself

A Virtual Assistant can assist with:

  • Support – providing support to existing staff members
  • Covering absence – providing help when staff are ill, on holiday or maternity/paternity leave
  • To-Do lists – completing those unfinished projects
  • Growth – achieving your business growth targets

The benefits of using a Virtual Assistant are:

  • Economy – you pay only for the time that you use
  • Cost – no costs like tax, national insurance, pension, holiday pay, and sick pay
  • Consistency – allows you to use the same highly skilled, professional every time you outsource work
  • Knowledge – will bring new skills and experience to your business from working with a wide variety of clients
  • Remote – when based remotely there is no need for extra office space or equipment

For the kind of services that a VA can undertake take a look at our Services page.  If you are already convinced and wish to take that first step, take advantage of a free consultation and start taking some of that weight off your shoulders by contacting us here.